Kamis, 20 November 2008

Star-Ledger: It's a Team Effort

There have been a variety of comments on the subject of Assistant Deputy Photo Editor Mitchell Seidel (LinkedIn: Profile), as reported in Editor & Publisher (Buyout-Depleted 'Star-Ledger' Reassigns Two Journos -- To Mailroom, 11/19/08) now working in the mailroom.

Many reports and comments I've heard centered around the ha ha, isn't that funny, and the is this what they went to college for, kind.

As I sit back and contemplate the evolution and the changes that are taking place, I see Seidel doing exactly what he should - pitching in WHEREVER he is needed.
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Feel free to mock him if you'd like (and I'll watch your karmic savings account self-deplete), but in this downturn, what Mitchells' actions are saying is "I will do anything - whatever it takes - to keep my job and my paper alive." His actions most definitely are speaking louder than words. Mitchell is not above this "type" of work. None of us are above it. Heck, next they should slash the cleaning crew, and let everyone on their way out of the office at night empty their own trash. What a cost savings that would be.

Mitchell - hats' off to you and your 28 years of service to the Star-Ledger. You epitomize what it means to be a team player.

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